With ERECTOR ® brands, dedicated to the U.S. market, and MECCANO ® for the rest of the world, the group is currently selling in over 50 countries and 70% of its sales come from markets outside of France.

The head office and factory of Meccano is located in Calais, France and two sale office subsidiaries were created, one in Hong Kong and one in the United Kingdom.

All Meccano toys are designed and developed in France.
The design office is a creative technical laboratory with unique expertise acquired through years of experience.

Quality Control
Meccano toys are monitored throughout their manufacture from raw material to finished product. All products carry a tracking number so they can be traced from components through to their final destination.
Meccano toys are tested in certified laboratories (Bureau Veritas and Intertek) according to the relevant countries standards and guidelines.

«  Made in France »
After an overhaul of its Manufacturing base and industrial facilities, Meccano decided in 2010 to relocate part of its manufacturing to France. Today, a large part of the Meccano range is manufactured in France, in the historic factory of Calais. This decision was made so that Meccano could increase its manufacturing flexibility and subsequently optimise serviceability to its European markets.

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