Games make great gifts for all ages!

Games have always been a fun way to pass the time, learn and hone skills, and enjoy time with friends and family. In our house, games have been a way of connecting for my entire life. I remember learning card games with my grandparents when my hands weren’t big enough to hold all the cards, I used the circle/foam holder thing (insert actual name? lol) to help me out. I enjoyed our time together so much. Today, we continue the tradition and often enjoy a game or two after dinner with family and friends.

There are games for everything…math games, problem solving, fine motor skills challenging, brain teasers, games of luck, and games requiring great skill and strategy.  I will never grow too old to play a game.

Here are some of our top picks. A house favorite is Settler’s of Catan (and the many expansions). This game involves so much strategy and allows for creative minds to make deals with other players to get ahead and defensively challenge others. We recommend this for adults of all ages. Another fun and quick one for younger kids that need a challenge is Balance Beans…go through the challenge cards to set up the beans and get them to balance on the seesaw board. Next up, we have many card games in the store, but one brand that stands out with its fun artwork and witty gameplay is Gamewright (Wig Out is shown below). These are fun for adults to play with younger kids and the games offer matching, speed, memory, and other fun challenges. Next up is Gravity Maze! This one offers challenges in four levels, with expert hooking my husband for hours, and let me tell you, he isn’t one to sit still for very long so we know this is a good one when he gives it a thumbs up! Set up the stacks to get the marble to run from start to finish…you get the idea. It’s a blast! Last, we’ve picked party/group games that are quick and fun for family and friends!! Our top selling Slapzi, Tenzi, and Watch Your Mouth games are sure to get everyone playing and laughing!

We’re happy to demo games and help you choose them for everyone on your list! Come see us in the store.

catan_04 balance-beans-game-play-solution-card wigout gravitymazeslapzi-tenziwatchyourmouth

December 16, 2016